Drones a cheap and easy way to prevent future shark attacks

AFTER the tragic death of Japanese surfer Tadashi Nakahara in February I wrote a short letter to The Northern Star with copies to local councils and surf clubs advocating the use of small and cheap drones for aerial surveillance of our most crowded and popular beaches.

Only one surf club responded.

Now we have had a series of further attacks locally including the savage attack last week on Matt Lee at Lighthouse Beach.

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This week the Skullcandy Oz Grom Open surf contest at Lennox Head where I live has been using planes and helicopters funded I believe by the local council to supplement jet skis to try to increase safety for the competitors.

This method is very costly and the fuel damages our environment and increases our carbon footprint.

Surely such surveillance is not a sustainable option and I would argue that it is not sending the right message to the surfing community about what this region stands for environmentally.

I hope we can take the opportunity to trial drone technology to attempt to make our beaches safer.