Drunk man attacks pub staff with fire extinguisher

JEALOUSLY and heavy intoxication do not mix, particularly for one Central Queenslander who assaulted pub employees with a fire extinguisher.

Melikiseteki Tekani A Fowler Waka, 27, pleaded guilty on April 24 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to three common assaults while intoxicated, one count each of enter premise and commit indictable offence, stealing, breach of bail and failure to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said $1450 restitution was sought for damages caused by Waka by his behaviour on July 21, 2019, at Biloela's Commercial Hotel and other locations.

Waka's defence lawyer said the meatworks employee was severely intoxicated by alcohol when he was at the hotel and took an MDMA tablet afterwards, before going to a second location and offending.

The court heard Waka and his partner had separated and she was in a new relationship at the time of the offending.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Waka's behaviour was "irrational".

"You took a fire extinguisher and squirted it in the faces of people that worked there (Commercial Hotel)," he said.

Mr Clarke said jealousy had sparked the offending, leading to Waka going to the new boyfriend's house after the hotel, stealing a spanner and leaving it on a car.

Waka was ordered to complete 120 hours community service, pay a $150 fine, probation for 12 months and pay $1450 compensation.