Fiona Leviny has been forced to leave The Renovators.
Fiona Leviny has been forced to leave The Renovators.

Early departure for Fiona

LEAVING a job unfinished is not her style, but medical reasons have forced popular contestant Fiona Leviny to make a heartbreaking and premature departure from reality TV program, The Renovators.

“I was very upset to leave the show,” Fiona said.

“The remaining contestants were shocked by the news.

"We've all worked hard together and it very emotional. I tried to stay on the show for as long as I could, but in the end I knew I couldn't continue.”

During the filming of her final scenes, Fiona's team were halfway through renovating their allotted property – a small general store in Marrickville.

With work on the roof and plumbing already completed, the double walls in place, the electricity connected and, most importantly, the budget under control, Fiona knew she had given the competition her all and departed with her head held high, leaving the keys in the hands of her capable teammate August.

“I'm absolutely thrilled for August,” she said.

“I believe he is the most talented designer.

"He sees an idea in his head and instantly brings it to life.”

Fiona also thanked Shine Australia for its support.