Coast earth tremors: 'Whole house shook for few seconds'

MYSTERY surrounds the cause of earth tremors on the Sunshine Coast that were reported across social media sites.

Bli Bli and Wurtulla residents have revealed they felt a "rumble" about 3.30pm yesterday that may have been preceded by a "big bang".

Some have pinpointed controlled explosions at a nearby construction site as the cause, but that has yet to be confirmed.

"(The) whole house shook for a good few seconds," Robert Alexander reported..

Wurtulla resident Andrew Lowe said he felt two "rumbles"

"I felt very small ones."

Geoscience Australia Earthquakes has not registered a quake on the Sunshine Coast at that time.

The last earthquake to be felt on the Sunshine Coast was on August 17 when a 5.8 magnitude quake shook parts of Queensland when it occurred 70km offshore from Bowen.

A construction company working in the Bli Bli area has been contacted for comment.