Wreckage of MS804 identified south of last known position

UPDATE: Egyptian authorities have notified the Greek defence minister that search teams have spotted a body part, two seats and a suitcase during their search for EgyptAir Flight 804 in the Mediterranean.

Minister Panos Kammenos told AAP the items were found south of the where MS804 vanished from radar signals on Thursday. 

Egyptian Brigadier General Mohammed Samir said the debris was found around 290km north of the port city of Alexandria in a statement posted on his Facebook page

EARLIER: EGYPTAIR has taken to Twitter to confirm reports that wreckage from missing flight MS804 has been found. 

The news follows reports from Egyptian State Media that some of the passenger's possessions as well as debris had been found about 290km off the coast of Alexandria. 

There are also reports passengers belongings have been found.

It comes after reports Greek authorities yesterday found debris off the coast of Crete that later proved not to be from the missing plane. 

A large scale search of the crash zone involving military and civilian ships is underway. 

A spokesperson at the airline's head office in Cairo reportedly told The Idependent that the most recent find was separate from the wreckage found off Greece in the hours after the crash - wreckage which ulitmately proved to be unrelated. 

"The statement yesterday was incorrect - there was a misunderstanding - but today in the morning they found the wreckage around 295km away from the coast at Alexandria," she added.

"The information has just been confirmed."

The spokesperson described the new find as "wreckage" but could give no further details.