Elderly woman flown to Brisbane after garden stake puncture

UPDATE, 1PM: THE elderly woman who suffered a puncture to the abdomen yesterday has been taken to Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

Her condition is not known at this stage. 

UPDATE 2PM: THE elderly woman who fell from a ladder at Adelaide Park will now undergo surgery to remove a garden stake which punctured her abdomen.

She was pruning a small tree when she fell and landed on a garden spike.

She also sustained possible fractures.

Upon arrival of the RACQ Capricorn Rescue, she was reportedly conscious and in good spirits.

She was transferred to Rockhampton Hospital in a stable condition where she will undergo surgery to remove the garden stake.

UPDATE 1PM: AN ELDERLY female has been airlifted from Adelaide Park after she fell from a ladder this morning.

It is understood she fell from the ladder and struck two trees on the way down.

A steel support holding the tree up has believed to have penetrated her abdomen.

Her condition is not known at this stage.

INITIAL, 11AM: A FEMALE in her 70s has fallen from a ladder and had a tree branch penetrate her abdomen at the Capricorn Coast.

Queensland Ambulance Service received the call for a private residence at Limestone Creek Rd at Adelaide Park at 9.31am.

The RACQ Capricorn Rescue has been tasked.