Election night drinking game
Election night drinking game

YOUR SAY: Election night drinking game

The election night television coverage drinking game. One shot must be taken for when the following phrases are said (the utterances and incidents are ordered somewhat chronologically):

Someone mentions democracy sausages. (This is not a phenomenon any other country has to deal with.)

"We're starting to see some more meaningful figures coming in now."

Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten says: "Fair go."

"I don't expect we will get an outcome in this seat tonight."

Someone takes more than five seconds to start talking when they are cut to in a live cross.

"I suspect the result in this seat will come down to the postal votes."

The computer graphic stops working or freezes.

When someone describes today's events as "democracy at work."

"Jobs and growth."

"This is another seat with a large number of early votes cast."

"These are very early figures."

"If I can just pull up the House of Reps..."

"Sorry, that's the wrong screen."

"Good for Australia..."

"I'm not prepared to call this seat yet."

A super complicated graphic is shown.

"This looks like a night for the independents."

"We won't get a full breakdown of the senate tonight."

Tony Abbott loses his seat.

"This seat is shaping a very close three way contest."

"There is a clear win on primary votes."

Clive Palmer calls Queenslanders "Squeenzelanders" and then proceeds to say something nonsensical.

"The outcome of this seat will come down to minor party preferences."

Pauline Hanson cries.

"Let's take a final call of the board."

"I'm not prepared to call the election yet."

"I'm prepared to call the election for..." (I intentionally omitted the spoiler.)