Tracey Joynson

Election re-run would be referendum on energy: Greens

THE Greens are relishing the prospect of the New South Wales upper house election being declared invalid.

Longest-serving party MP Dr John Kaye believed a fresh vote would be disastrous for the Coalition Government's plans to privatise the energy network.

"A re-run election would annoy voters but it would also provide an opportunity for a referendum on wires and poles, with every chance that Premier Mike Baird's privatisation would die in the upper house," he said.

"The history of upper house-only ballots is bad news for Mike Baird.

"Many voters would recognise that their choice cannot change the government.

"They will feel freer to vote on the basis of issues, in protest or to create stronger checks and balances against the executive."

The NSW Electoral Commission has admitted to an error that resulted in 19,000 votes being cast while the Animal Justice Party and the Outdoor Recreation Party were wrongly missing from the "above the line" section of the ballot.