ARTIST: Byron Shire resident, musician and Tinpan Orange frontwoman, Emily Lubitz.
ARTIST: Byron Shire resident, musician and Tinpan Orange frontwoman, Emily Lubitz. Tajette O'Halloran

Emily Lubitz sings for refugees

SINGER songwriter Emily Lubitz has confirmed a show in Federal next month to fundraise for local group Federal Loves Refugees.

Lubitz, the frontwoman of band Tinpan Orange, has been living in the Byron Shire for a couple of years now with her husband, musician Harry James Angus, and their two children.

The artist admitted she is equally excited and nervous about the show.

"I'm playing new music that I have written for my new solo project," she said.

"In the last year, after we moved away from Melbourne where my band is, I've been tinkering away something new, and I still don't know exactly how it's going to end up, but I found these wonderful musicians Freya Hooper on drums, Angie Hudson on guitar and multi-instrumentalist Sue Simpson."

"We played together a couple of times so it's not going to be a super well polished machine but that's part of the fun."

"It's all very fresh (laughs). I've been playing with Tinpan Orange for so many years (since 2005 to be exact) and it's really second nature to us, we know the songs back to front and if I mess up they know how to compensate for me, and vice versa.

"This is a new frontier, and it's very good for me, my soul needed that. But of course, it' a bit scary too."

Lubitz said Federal Hall will be the perfect place for this show.

"It's perfect, I need a loving audience to seduce me," she said.

The artist said all the new songs have been written in the Northern Rivers.

"They are different ideas. I'm still tinkering away with them, and some of the songs are still work in progress. They are about different patches of my life, but they were written here."

"I need a deadline, in order to get the songs finished, give me a deadline and I'll get it done. If I don't have deadline I'll think of many other things I need to get done first."


ARTIST: Byron Shire resident, musician and Tinpan Orange frontwoman, Emily Lubitz.
AWARENESS: Byron Shire resident, musician and Tinpan Orange frontwoman Emily Lubitz. Tajette O'Halloran

Lubitz said she was happy to support local group Federal Loves Refugees with their fundraising efforts.

"I have been in contact with them via email and met one of them, but they seem like really awesome people with their hearts in the right place, doing great things," she said.

"I have always done gigs to raise awareness and raise money for refugees, it's something that's close to my heart.

"Harry and I have both previously also supported the ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) in Melbourne.

"I was keen to jump on board because I love the cause.

"I used this a a deadline to put the show together and find some people to play with, so this has been great for me too."