Entire Queensland town for sale... for less than $1m

EVER dreamed of owning your own town? 

Well, if you have a spare $750,000 lying around, you could just make that dream a reality with the entire Queensland town of Allies Creek up for sale. 

Domain, one of Australia's leading multi-platform property industry destinations, listed the Allies Creek bargain on their website over the weekend. 

Allies Creek is located 58km south-west from Mundubbera. 

Sutton Nationwide Realty agent Julie Sutton told Domain News the options for the property, which includes 16 houses, were limitless. 

"It's totally up to whoever buys it what they do with it, the possibilities are really endless," Ms Sutton told Domain. 

The property features 16 individual Queenslander style homes which have a combination of two, three and four bedrooms, three saw mills, street lights, streets, Telstra depot, an old school hall and a giant dam full of fish and fresh-water crayfish. 

 Ms Sutton said half of the homes were currently tenanted, so buyers could live off that income or develop the property in to anything they like.

"It could be set up as a caravan park, or used for music festivals; all 40 acres are cleared," she said.

"It comes with so much; a 25-ton excavator, a crane, a big mulcher. Just even what's in the houses themselves."

See it here.