Erosion costs millions

TWEED Shire councillors revealed at Tuesday's council meeting that it would cost $10 million to repair erosion damage on the Tweed River and that figure could rise to $15 million if something is not done soon.

Cr Dot Holdom revealed the repair figure while debating to delay a decision on the controversial wakeboarding clinic for the Tweed River.

"We know it is going to cost $10 million to armour-plate our river with rocks," Cr Holdom said.

"I just would like to take time on this decision (development approval); there are so many issues raised."

Tweed River Committee chairman Katie Milne said work has started but to finish the job the council will need to seek funding.

"We need $10 million in work done now and if it is not done then there will be $15 million later," Cr Milne said.

"It's not a natural cycle and boating did cause problems.

"The ongoing evolutionary erosion is being exacerbated by poor management of the river."

Cr Milne said wind waves did impact the river but more could be done to decrease the impact.

"We have had an ongoing erosion problem for quite some time," she said.

Cr Kevin Skinner said there was an erosion problem in Murwillumbah, referring to erosion in Budd Park.

"Erosion in the river can be identified in many different ways," Cr Skinner said.

"The Tweed River erosion is most certainly caused by river flow."