Wade Anthony Bartz indicated he will contest the violent offence allegations.
Wade Anthony Bartz indicated he will contest the violent offence allegations. Supplied

Escapee gets bail as court told of looming legal logjam

AN INFAMOUS prison escapee accused of kicking a woman in the face and threatening to kill her has been granted bail after concerns were raised about delays in the justice system.

Wade Anthony Bartz wants a jury trial on charges including assault occasioning bodily harm, Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday.

Defence counsel Chris Lumme said it was taking five months at Toowoomba for indictments to be presented.

By law, prosecutors must present the indictment within six months of somebody being committed for trial.

Justice Soraya Ryan said Bartz also faced the prospect of spending too long in custody if he was refused bail.

He had already spent 69 days in custody.

The court heard Bartz, previously of Lowood, previously appeared in Toowoomba Magistrates Court for an alleged bail breach.

Now in his mid-40s, he made news after having an affair with his prison psychologist, and for escaping from custody.

The court also heard he also had a conviction for attempting to pervert justice, as well as for pulling his pants down in front of a woman in and performing an indecency.

But Justice Ryan said the woman who complained of assault had recently said she may have "exaggerated" her statement to police.

The judge also said "a witness suggests another explanation for at least some of the complainant's injuries".

Justice Ryan said Bartz "seems to realise the value of secure accommodation which he places in jeopardy if he conducts himself in an anti-social way".

The court heard Bartz would be unable to keep his rental property if he stayed locked up.

A doctor also said the accused had been staying off drugs, was keeping his house in good condition, and had shown himself to be a devoted father.

Justice Ryan said the doctor indicated Bartz had shown positive attitude changes.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams said Bartz should report to authorities three times a week, and not apply for a passport. -NewsRegional