Eskimo Joe on route to Lismore.
Eskimo Joe on route to Lismore. Contributed

Eskimo Joe bring up the past

While there's a lot to say for discovering new music, there's also nothing like watching a band who has put its years on stage to good use.

Eskimo Joe's gig at the Lismore Unibar last week was the perfect example of the latter.

Polished performances from not only the three official members (Kav Temperley, Joel Quartermain, Stuart MacLeod) but also the live add-ons on drums and keys.

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The band recently released its fifth album Ghosts Of The Past which served as a title for the tour and the night itself.

The band's set was divided into albums and eras though they were not willing to travel so far back into the wardrobe they'd pull out the Sweater (despite pleading from the crowd).

Opening with Sarah from Black Fingernails, Red Wine (2006) the small gathering who stood back for Bonjah's supporting set soon swelled at the front of the stage for the Perth trio.

New York from the same album was next, kicking up the pace along with the light show.

The first song off the new album, Echo, ended and Temperley began his first allocation of banter for the night.

And this was how the night played out for the surprisingly tame crowd at the Unibar, although the ticket price may have held back the usually young crowd at the venue.

Temperley launched into a story about the last time they played Lismore in 1998, falling in love and dedicating the next song to the girl he fell for all those years ago who he said he'd bumped into the day before and now stood front of stage.

From The Sea is one of the band's most recognisable tracks from A Song Is A City (2004) and Temperley led the crowd into a singalong.

To his surprise after the band left the stage the crowd's chant for an encore soon turned back to its part in the singalong, much to Temperley's delight as they returned to the stage for the encore.

The mix of new and old kept punters interested from start to finish and the band looked to enjoy it as much as we did.