LETTER: Understanding is not enough to beat racism

NICOLA LESSING (NS 19/15) asks "How can we deal with racism and division if we are racist and divided?"

The short answer,of course, is that we can't.

It is no simple matter to deal with division within ourselves. The only treatise on the subject that I know of is in the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti ( The Urgency of Change, The Only revolution, et al).

It took me 40 years to begin to understand all this but it has been worth the effort.

It deals with domestic violence and psychological problems as an added bonus.

A brief quote on 'Intelligence' will give a taste of what it is about.

"The mind demands order, harmony, peace, beauty, love, otherwise it can't function properly. This can only be achieved in freedom. Not freedom to do what we like which would lead to chaos, but freedom from influence, tradition, dogma, discipline, freedom to live intelligently.

"To live intelligently requires firstly that we understand ourselves.

The thought process, which is the mechanical response of our cultural and biological conditioning, is the envy, greed, ambition, frustration, pleasure, pain, fear, belief, racism, fulfilment and all the rest that make up this ugly world.

Understanding, though necessary is not sufficient.

Freedom comes only with the active negation of our conditioning, with the ending of all the activity of the self."

But this does little or nothing to solve the problem, which is to convince the rest of humanity to do likewise.

The only strategy I can imagine is to disable the clergy who derive wealth and power from propagation of the faith in the first place, simply by withdrawing support and possibly by class action on the grounds of fraudulent advertising.

I'm afraid the likelihood of success is vanishingly small.

It would take an uprising of tsunami proportions to loosen the iron grip religion has on civilization.

- KEN STEELE, Lennox Head.