Evans Head bakery team with the 2016 Lismore Show awards
Evans Head bakery team with the 2016 Lismore Show awards

Evans Head bakers score 78 awards at Lismore Show

IF ALL the trophies and ribbons won by the Wurlitzer Bakery in Evans Head in the past ten years were lined up they would reach from the shop in Woodburn St to the end of the beach wall.


At this year's Lismore Show, the three bakeries (two in Evans Head and one in Woodburn) owned by Helen, Michael and Sandra Aarts won 78 awards.

Some of their firsts included: French stick, tank loaf, sausage roll, multigrain and wholemeal bread, fruit loaf, mudcake, vanilla slice, apple pie and assorted tarts.

Helen and Sandra were keen to point out how committed their bakers are and the reason none of them were at the shop at 2pm was because "they all went home to sleep.”

Brother and sister bakers, Ben and Sarah Briggs have been at the bakery since the Aarts took it over.

"They start baking at 11pm every day of the year except Christmas Eve,” Sandra said of their dedication.

They employ 34 staff across their three bakeries. Ten years ago Helen worked in the Evans Head bakery and when it was up for sale she was worried she didn't have baking experience after running a lighting company in Sydney.

"I'm really proud I've never had to call on my ex-boss for help,” Helen said.

Cars pass the bakery and toot their horns as people lean out of the car windows to shout congratulations.