When cops pulled her over on 2016 they found a silencer, ammunition and a knife. (File)
When cops pulled her over on 2016 they found a silencer, ammunition and a knife. (File) DickClarkMises

Even jail couldn't stop mum's crime spree

AT JUST 20 years old, Cheyenne Anniki Petryszyn was dealing drugs to bikies and inmates.

And despite selling an estimated $50,000 of drugs in a four-week stint, she also robbed people.

On Friday, a court heard Petryszyn was busted after police targeted a Sunshine Coast drug syndicate.

Now 22, she pleaded guilty to charges including drug trafficking, drug supply, and possessing weapons including a handgun fitted with a silencer.

Prosecutor CB Farnsworth said Petryszyn produced her own drugs at times, and "also robbed people in the course of conducting her business”.

The drug dealer had an estimated 51 customers including bikies and inmates, the prosecutor said.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Petryszyn had repeatedly breached court orders and was on parole during some of her offending.

Even in Woodford jail, she supplied strips of the opioid Subutex.

Defence counsel Doug Wilson said Petryszyn had an unstable, harsh childhood, attending seven different primary schools.

She'd also been in abusive relationships but had achieved a certificate in business and information technology.

Justice David Boddice said he recognised Petryszyn had a "dreadful upbringing” but she'd flouted several chances the courts had given her.

"It sounds to me like she enjoys being a criminal.”

He said drug trafficking while on parole was especially egregious.

"There is so little that can be said in your favour,” he told Petryszyn, who frequently sobbed in the dock.

Justice Boddice said Petryszyn sold ice, ecstasy and GHB (also known as Fantasy) at "wholesale” levels in June to September 2016.

Petryszyn instructed Mr Wilson she'd suffered from PTSD and depression.

But Justice Boddice said the young woman showed no qualms about acting in "scurrilous” ways that hurt other people.

"You need to take a long hard look at yourself or you are going to be in jail until you are 80.”

Petryszyn's youth and guilty pleas earned her some credit.

She was jailed for eight years.

For reasons including time already served in custody, she can apply for parole on December 8, 2019. -NewsRegional