RIGS ON SHOW: Trucks will roll through the streets of Casino for the annual Truck Show today.
RIGS ON SHOW: Trucks will roll through the streets of Casino for the annual Truck Show today. The Northern Star Archives

Casino Truck Show rolls into town today

THE wheels are well and truly turning for the fourth annual Haultech Casino Truck Show, which rolls into town today and is set to attract its biggest haul of onlookers yet.

A change in location will see up to 120 trucks line the streets of Casino's CBD for the free event while thousands of spectators will get the chance to get up close and personal with a whole range of rigs.

Last year close to a 1000 people turned out for the event and according to Casino Beef Week president Stuart George, a change in location, a new major sponsor and more trucks than before will combine to make this year's event bigger than ever.

"I was having a beer one afternoon with a couple of truck drivers, Darren and Tiny, and we got talking about truck shows and thought 'well why not it run as an extra event for Beef Week?", said Mr George.

"At first we were unsure how it would take but then we were blown away by the response we got and it just keeps on growing and growing.

"It's grown from something where we thought we'd see how we go to something that is now well and truly on the trucking show calendar across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

"It is a show where truck owners and truck operators get to show off their prized possessions."

The event will see the trucks take part in a parade through the CBD at 10am before they park and people will then get the chance to see the trucks up close with their drivers on hand to chat.

"They do a parade through the streets and the community gets well and truly behind that and then they park up and are judged across different categories," Mr George said.

"It is certainly something the drivers take very seriously and they're very proud of their trucks and enjoy the opportunity like this to show the public what they're trucks are about.

"It's worth walking around having a look at the variety that turn up, you can get a 20-year-old truck that looks brand new, there's an Optimus Prime, there's Ned Kelly that's always a favourite."