With Bachelor in Paradise fast approaching, here are the familiar faces we’re set to see sipping cocktails and fighting for roses in Fiji.
With Bachelor in Paradise fast approaching, here are the familiar faces we’re set to see sipping cocktails and fighting for roses in Fiji.

Every Bachelor star heading to Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise is soon to hit screens for all our reality TV romance and Osher Günsberg needs.

And if the rumours are anything to go by, we're in for a tropical treat.

Speaking on the TV Blackbox podcast at the end of last year, just after filming for the 2020 season of Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up, Channel 10's Daniel Monaghan shared there was "love at the end" of the new season.

"It's been a stellar, stellar season of Paradise over in Fiji, we've got some really good cast over there, not that I can talk about them in full now," he said.

"We're really comfortable with how that's landed and the love that's come out of it, at the end. You know, we love the drama, but to have love at the end of it as well is really refreshing."

As the latest Channel 10 trailer teases, it could very well be between fan favourites Brittany Hockley, from Nick Cummins' season, and Timm Hanly, runner-up up in the race for Angie Kent's heart.

Meanwhile - Abbie Chatfield - who copped backlash from viewers following Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor, told New Idea this week that she's nervous about her portrayal.

"I already am worried about how the edits are going to go," Abbie told the publication.

"I think when you're on TV, you're a one-dimensional character. And my character was overtly sexual and confident, and to a lot of people that equals 'b***h'."

It's believed Abbie leaves Bachelor in Paradise early, after she was spotted heading home from Fiji just a few days after the show began filming.


Abbie Chatfield was the runner-up on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor. Picture: Instagram.
Abbie Chatfield was the runner-up on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor. Picture: Instagram.

While 11 contestants have been locked in for the season, some still remain a mystery.

Here's who we're certain to see kicking back by the pool, and some rumoured former Bach stars that may pop up on our screens for a second shot at romance.

Abbie Chatfield


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The classic @_edwardsandco salon pic

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From copping flack from several fellow contestants who labelled her "fake" on the show, to receiving harsh public backlash for her confident courtship of Matt Agnew, Abbie's Bachelor experience was one rife with drama.

In the Bachelor in Paradise trailer, the 24-year-old makes it known she's there for none other than Ciarran Stott - who couldn't be more different from astrophysicist Matt Agnew. Something (a still of Ciarran kissing another girl) tells us it may not work out between the pair.

Ciarran Stott

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When you thought 2020 was going to be a big mood...

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Ciarran was one of the standouts of Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette, but his time on the show was cut short due to the passing of his grandmother.

This time around, given his ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett is rumoured to make an appearance, and recent trailers hint at some serious drama involving the cheeky Brit, it's already safe to say Ciarran's second shot at reality TV love is going to be entertaining.

Timm Hanly

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Hitchhiking to the tattoo shop....

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One half of this year's most unlikely Paradise pair, Timm Hanly, who broke hearts when he was rejected by Angie Kent on The Bachelorette last year, seems to hit it off with Britt in the trailer. Here's hoping it's second time lucky for the quirky Melbourne local.

Brittany Hockley


Brittany was one of the first to be announced for this season of BIP, after her brutal rejection by the Honey Badger in the season six finale, in which he infamously picked no one.

The co-host of podcast Life Uncut, with Laura Byrne, seems smitten by Timm Hanly in early footage of the season.

Jamie Doran



Jamie was widely dubbed the stage-five clinger on season five of The Bachelorette, striking out with Angie Kent for being "too intense".


Brittney Weldon


It'll be third time lucky for the quirky star who had a short but memorable stint on Nick Cummins' season of The Bachelorand went on to become a fan favourite on Bachelor in Paradiseseason 2.


Her time in Fiji was cut short when her brief romance with Ivan Krslovic came to an end.

Mary Viturino



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Hailing from Matt Agnew's season, Mary - who secured a loyal following with her hilarious reactions on the show - is back for another crack at love.

Helena Sauzier



After a dramatic hometown visit and multiple threats to leave the mansion, Helena came in third on Dr. Matt's season of The Bachelor. She's back to find love in Paradise this year.


Cassandra Mamone



The jewellery designer from Matt Agnew's season joins the Paradise crew.



Jessica Brody



One of the early intruders in Matt's season, Jessica's time on our screens was short and sweet. Judging by the trailer, she seems to hit it off with fellow tattoo enthusiast Ciarran.


Glenn Smith


Tall blonde Glenn barely made a peep on Angie's season of The Bachelorette. Here's hoping we get to know the Perth hunk in Paradise.


The rumoured contestants:

Keira Maguire



One of the most memorable Bach contestants of all time, the "villain" of Richie Strahan's season has appeared in Paradise before - where she struck-up an on-off romance with Jarrod Woodgate in season one. Single again, Keira is rumoured to be ready for another shot at love.


Renee Barrett

Renee Barrett. Picture: Channel 10.
Renee Barrett. Picture: Channel 10.

An early leaver from Matt's season again, Renee is also an ex of Ciarran Stott's from before both of their Bach appearances. We may get a front-row seat to see how things play out between the former couple in Fiji.



Niranga Amarasinghe

28-year old aircraft engineer Niranga Amarasinghe. Picture: Channel 10.
28-year old aircraft engineer Niranga Amarasinghe. Picture: Channel 10.

Niranga was eliminated around halfway through Angie's season, but can be remembered for his witty one liners. He's rumoured to be re-joining Bach world in picturesque paradise.

Alex McKay




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Wonder what the weather is like in Adelaide? 🤔

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Another rather quiet suitor from Angie's season of The Bachelorette, Alex - known for sabotaging Ryan by forcing him to reveal he'd applied for Ali Oetjen's season - may be bringing the drama poolside. Yes please.


Kiki Morris




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