David Henderson's RFS fire jacket after the toxic Llismore tip fire.
David Henderson's RFS fire jacket after the toxic Llismore tip fire.

Every RFS jacket tells a story

EVERY RFS fire jacket tells a story.

Above is David Henderson's jacket after he attended the toxic Lismore tip fire.


David Henderson RFS.
RFS member David Henderson.

The Henderson household must have a big washing machine because his wife and two daughters are also RFS members.

Mr Henderson joined the RFS at Ivanhoe in 2014.

He was studying emergency management as part of a degree on policing.

"I really enjoy working as as team, learning new skills and keeping the community safe," he said.

An RFS highlight was saving a house from burning down on Wyrallah Rd, he said, and saving a farmhouse at Tabulam.

"The worst was the destruction at Tabulam," Mr Henderson said where 18 homes were burned in the February fire.

The biggest thing I've learned in RFS is how destructive a fire can be, he said.

"Can anyone doing a burn on their property, please stay with it," Mr Henderson said.

With an advanced fire fighting qualification, Mr Henderson hopes to one day be a crew leader and a fire investigator.

Mr Henderson acknowledged the crew he works with including Steve Garbutt, Mick Stain, Hayden Doolan and Theo Scholl.

"I love going to fires with my wife and kids too," he said.


Check and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan.

Monitor conditions.

Leaving early is the safest option.

Monitor conditions in your area.

Check and follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan. If you do not have a plan, decide what you will do if the situation changes. Leaving early is your safest option.

Updates on fires are available at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au or by calling call 1800 NSW RFS (1800 679 737).

For information on road conditions or closures, please call the NSW RMS on 131 700 or check LiveTraffic NSW. Remember roads may be closed without warning.

For information on closures of National Parks associated with this fire, please visit the National Parks and Wildlife Service website.

If you need to report a new fire or require urgent assistance, dial triple-0.