Northern Rivers musician Matt Collins.
Northern Rivers musician Matt Collins.

Everything is changing for musician Matt Collins

EVERYTHING’S Changing is the first single by new solo project Okmattcollins.

The artist is also the frontman of Lennox Head band Wharves.

The musician said Okmattcollins is a project born to deal with a change of circumstances.

After ending a long-term relationship and moving in with a bunch of strangers in a cottage in the Byron Bay hinterland, Collins put down his Stratocaster and picked up an acoustic guitar, taking the plunge to explore a more raw and personal side of his songwriting.

With Everything’s Changing, all you see and hear was done by one person: Matt Collins.

Collins has been playing in bands, touring and recording since he was 13 years old, and feels with this release that he is no longer hiding behind anything.

“I’m excited to put this out there and no longer wonder ‘what if?’, but it’s also a bit scary,” he said.

The raw and honest songwriting is accompanied by its music video shot by Collins and his friend Mackinnon Walker on a dirt track near Bangalow.

With the video comprising one long continuous shot, there is nowhere to hide for Collins, as he ambles along kicking at the stones.

Collins is hoping to test his new solo show on the road soon, while also has plans for his band Wharves as they continue to heat up the indie rock scene here and in the UK.

See the video here: