Photo: Generic image of an Australian outlaw bikie gang member.
Photo: Generic image of an Australian outlaw bikie gang member.

Ex-bikie fined for wearing wedding ring

AN ex-bikie who a court was told cut ties with the lifestyle almost two decades ago has been fined for wearing an outlawed ring.

Lyndsay John Kelly pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday to wearing a prohibited item in public.

The court heard the accessory, which had "1%" written on it, was Kelly's wedding ring.

The 57-year-old was intercepted by police at Lanes Road, Wongawallan on June 9 while driving a white Toyota.

The court was told Kelly, who is a truck driver, also had a tattoo which linked him to a bikie group.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Damian Summerfield said police knew Kelly had a connection to the Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Defence lawyer Mollie Roper, of Cooper Maloy Legal, said Kelly has not associated with the group for 19 years but wore the ring because it was his wedding ring.

She said Kelly had recently moved to Queensland from New South Wales and did not know it was illegal to wear it here.

In 2016 Queensland banned the public display of items associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs as part of tough new anti-bikie laws.

A one per cent ring is often worn by members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Kelly was fined $200.

No conviction was recorded.