Ex Tc Marcia's "Sharknado" picture reaches around the world

A SHARK thrown from the ocean by Ex TC Marcia and found later on a beach at Lennox Heads has become famous around the world.

In another blurring of the lines between reality and parody, Marcia took a scene straight out of the 2013 movie Sharknado and made it happen. 

Locals were quick to post photos of the corpse to social media, but it was a snap taken by Channel Nine that made the situation seem particularly dire:

"Not to sure what happened to it but NO definitely wasn't attacked by another shark."

Commenter Dougall Pennefather said: "Looks like a poor grey nurse."

Newspapers as distant as The Independent in the UK picked up the story, mentioning Lismore's Northern Star in their coverage. 

Ex TC Marcia hit Rockhampton and Yeppoon hardest, with more than 50,000 losing power and hundreds needing evacuation.

Clean water supplies have only been restored to the entire area this morning. 

There have been no reports of fatalities in any of the regions hit. 

Additional reporting from INM