Wife found a plastic bag with several used syringes and a snap lock bag with a
Wife found a plastic bag with several used syringes and a snap lock bag with a "fungal green” liquid. lisegagne

EXCLUSIVE: Putrid plan to kill father in hospital revealed

MICHAEL Martin tried to kill his father with a toxic brew of blood, bile, and faeces while he was in hospital in May 2014, according to sensational claims by Martin's wife Candace Martin.


THE wife of alleged Murwillumbah murderer Michael Martin Jnr, who was charged over the murder of 46-year-old Michael Martin Snr at his unit in Quarry Rd, South Murwillumbah, on June 13, 2014, Candace Owen leaves Lismore Court House.
THE wife of alleged Murwillumbah murderer Michael Martin Jnr faces court over the death of Michael Martin Snr. Marc Stapelberg

The alleged atrocity is one of several new revelations surrounding the plot to kill Murwillumbah man Michael Anthony Martin - claims which only have come to light this week during Candace Martin's sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court in Lismore.

The revelations include how Michael ground off the tip of the murder weapon - a samurai sword - and destroyed it with acid, and on another occasion burnt a sledgehammer used in the original home invasion.

But perhaps most disturbing is Candace's account of a putrid discovery made in the family home a few weeks after her father-in-law was brutally bashed on April 7 and admitted to Gold Coast hospital.

In her statement Candace describes how the family had earlier visited the Gold Coast for a weekend a week or two after the home invasion to see "Mick".


November 2010 glassing victim Michael Martin.
Photo: Blainey Woodham / Tweed Daily News
MURDEROUS TIMELINE: Murwillumbah's Michael Anthony Martin after he and a mate were bashed during a home invasion. It has since been found his son Michael Phillip Martin (below) was his attacker. According to his ex-wife Candace (far left), Martin jnr also allegedly tried to fatally poison his father before succeeding in killing him with a samurai sword. Blainey Woodham

One night, Michael visited the hospital alone.

A few days later, doctors informed the family that Mick had developed septicaemia and had a cardiac arrest, almost dying in hospital.

According to Candace, doctors informed the family he had "five different types of bugs in his system, and the specialists couldn't understand how the mixture of bugs could have been sourced".

A few days later, Candace said she was putting washing away at the couple's home in Esk, and found a plastic bag with several used syringes and a snap lock bag with a "fungal green" liquid in Michael's sock drawer.

Opening up the bag, she was "hit in the face by an offensive smell that made me gag... it was the worst thing I have ever smelt".

When she found the syringes and putrid liquid in about May 2014, Candace claimed to have angrily disposed of the potentially crucial evidence, by throwing it in the fireplace which happened to be lit at the time.

Confronting Michael about the discovery, he allegedly replied: "Hopefully with the latest round I gave him, all I have to do is convince the doctors to turn off that life support and I'll be a rich man".

A few days earlier, Candace claims she witnessed her husband disposing of a snapped sledgehammer, black gloves and balaclavas, and jerry cans at a council depot area near their Esk home.

The sledgehammer was snapped and the wooden handle had been broken "at an angle so the piece not attached to the head came to a sharp point". The point appeared to have blood on it.

This could explain how Michael Anthony Martin suffered a mysterious penetrating injury to his eye during the April home invasion when he opened the door to his unit, while the remainder of his and fellow victim Edmund Manning's injuries were from a "blunt force" object - the other end of the sledgehammer.

The weapons and clothing were disposed of in a fire lit by Michael at the council depot, witnessed by Candace.


Michael Martin spoke to media on Sunday in a bid to find those responsible for his father's murder. Liana Turner / Tweed Daily News
Michael Martin spoke to media in a bid to find those responsible for his father's murder. Liana Turner

On June 20, 2014 - a week after Michael senior was murdered in the early hours of June 13 - Candace said she witnessed Michael grinding off the tip of his samurai sword in the couple's shed.

"There was a red sheeny-stain on the blade," she said.

Michael claimed he was grinding down the sword in to pieces and "dipping it in acid and dumping it" in a Coles chiller bag. He later claimed to have dumped it in the Esk landfill.

Asked what he did with the sword immediately after the murder, Michael claimed to have stashed it in the Quarry Rd unit behind a wall unit and the retrieved it on June 16.

Candace's evidence was not used during Michael Martin's trial for various reasons which included questions over its reliability.

The statement includes repeated references to Michael's volatile, at times violent behaviour towards her and characterises him as essentially revelling in the planning and aftermath of the murder.

The Crown argued Candace was trying to underplay her own involvement in the crimes in the statement and paint herself as a victim of domestic violence.

During her sentencing hearing this week the Crown prosecutor Brendan Campbell suggested that her statement depicts Michael as a "monster", yet she failed to mention a pre-planned holiday the couple took to Fiji in September 2014, in which a photo was produced of them smiling happily.

In response, Candace told the court she "attempted to make the most of the marriage" but also "needed to keep things sweet between us" because she was scared of her husband.

She has pleaded guilty to attempted murder and accessory to murder and will be sentenced next Friday, November 3, in the Supreme Court in Lismore.

Michael was convicted of attempted murder and murder after an eight-week trial this week. His sentencing proceedings are scheduled to begin on February 7 next year.