Sam Frost is Australia's first star of The Bachelorette.
Sam Frost is Australia's first star of The Bachelorette. Channel 10

Super September of TV on the way

FINALLY TV executives seem to be listening to their viewers.

The so-called "Super September" programming period is upon us, with all three commercial networks coming out guns blazing with new shows.

It's perhaps the most crucial time of this year for Channel 7 following the blow of its failed reality cooking show Restaurant Revolution.

In what I think is a smart move, Seven has postponed its planned second season of House Rules until next year to avoid "genre matching" - a fancy industry term for two shows within the same genre, like House Rules and Renovation Rumble, airing at the same time and splitting the potential audience share attracted by that type of show.

The move prevents House Rules from going up against the new series of The Block, starting tomorrow on Channel 9.

Instead, Seven has pushed its Peter Allen mini-series forward to run after The X Factor on Sunday nights from September 13.

Contrasting with these shows are Ten's big reality offerings - the finale of The Bachelor, new spin-off The Bachelorette and the anticipated return of The Biggest Loser.

Each network gets to carve out its own niche within the reality TV sphere - singing for Seven, renovation for Nine and dating and weight loss for Ten.

There's something for everyone, you could say, but not too much of any one thing.

It helps to prevent viewer fatigue, something no commercial network wants.

I certainly have had my fill of reality cooking shows this year between the lengthy season of My Kitchen Rules, its so-called copycat The Hotplate and rejuvenated favourite MasterChef.

But, hey, if reality TV isn't your thing, then you can always flip to the ABC or SBS. Did I mention Gruen Planet also returns this week?