The Norco chairman would like to see co-operative spread across country and overseas in the future.
The Norco chairman would like to see co-operative spread across country and overseas in the future. Norco

Expansion planned for Norco's future

WITH work underway as part of the $3 million expansion to the ice cream division, Norco is already hard at work to build the company into the future.

Norco chairman Greg McNamara said his vision of the future is where "Norco further enhances its reputation in the Australian dairy industry as a dairy co-operative that supports its dairy farmers and community”.

He said as well as the current upgrade, he would like to see Norco continuing to build a world-class ice cream manufacturing facility that has a "balance of domestic and international customers”.

Mr McNamara said if the agricultural sector on the Northern Rivers continues to define itself as a reliable supplier of quality ingredients produced under sustainable farming practices that are sort-out by global customers, we will build vibrant regional towns and communities.

He said this would create a booming agricultural sector while also supporting a booming tourism industry.

Mr McNamara said he looks forward to the future creating opportunities to improve grass species and feeding regimes, in order to "support our dairy farmers to be profitable whilst improving our environmental footprint”.

As well as the current $3 million expansion, he would like to see the business expand even further in the coming decades to ensure the co-operative can compete with its competitors.

"Norco needs to have a presence in dairy products across Australia and a reasonable presence internationally,” he said.

"That means we would need to have dairy farmers in most states of Australia supplying milk to our processing facilities scattered throughout Australia.”

He said the company would continue to provide customers with a highly nutritious product produced under farming systems that truly embrace regenerative agricultural practices.

Most of all, Mr McNamara said he would like to see Norco remain a "positive, enthusiastic group of dairy farmers who have profitable sustainable businesses”.