Linda Sparrow (left) and Claire Oerlichs from Bangalow Koalas. Picture: Byron Shire Council
Linda Sparrow (left) and Claire Oerlichs from Bangalow Koalas. Picture: Byron Shire Council

Extensive bush regeneration efforts have huge impact

Bush regeneration is often mentioned in broad terms within Byron Shire Council's chamber.

But it's a different matter to be able to quantify it.

Between the council and community bush regenerators, 95 hectares of land and more than 15km of riverbank has been restored within the shire in the past five years, the council has confirmed.

"The bush restoration work going on in the Byron Shire is amazing and we want to take time to celebrate the passion and dedication of so many people who have made these huge environmental achievements possible," the council's biodiversity team leader Liz Caddick said.

"We would like to acknowledge the hard work of our Landcare groups and landholders in the shire, who spend their weekends and free time working voluntarily, to protect and restore the land.

"As well as the many hours of hard physical work our environmental volunteers put in, they also spend their free time attending training courses, applying for grants and organising events to help educate others."

The council's bush regenerators are working to restore 250 hectares of council land.

About 4000 hectares of private land within the Byron Shire is being managed for conservation.

There are 123 properties marked as Land for Wildlife.

"If you've ever thought of creating or restoring wildlife habitat on your property, there couldn't be a better time to get started," Ms Caddick said.

"With so many Australian species now under threat from habitat loss, climate change, disease and wildfire, every little bit of intact and well managed habitat is important.

"There is even grant funding available to help landowners restore their property.

"If you're interested in getting involved, a practical way you can start making a difference to our environment is to join your local Landcare network."

Brunswick Valley Landcare supports more than 30 Landcare groups and private landholders across the region.

The council has facilitated the restoration and replanting of about 90 properties through the Koala Connections, Byron Habitat Corridors, North East Hinterland and Koala Food for the Future projects since 2013.

The council offers information on how to create habitat and information on funding opportunities on its website.