‘EXTREME CAUTION’: Landslips, potholes, damaged roads

FLASH flooding, extremely heavy rainfall and storms have caused plenty of damage across the Northern Rivers.

Council crews are out and about assessing damage, but the full extent of the clean-up and the costs won’t be known for days.

In the meantime, residents are urged to keep an eye on www.myroadinfo.com.au for all the latest updates.

Never drive through floodwaters.

According to councils and MyRoadInfo, these are some of the worst-affected roads at the moment:


Cawongla Rd: Landslip just past Martin Rd. Road half closed. Drive with extreme caution.

Dunoon Rd, North Lismore (at showground): Pavement damage. Drive with caution.


Tickles Rd (closed): Proceed with extreme caution; council staff have not assessed road conditions

Alidenes Rd: Damage to causeway, proceed with caution

Left Bank Rd: Proceed with extreme caution. Road has sustained damage and there are large potholes.


Casino Coraki Rd (closed): On the Casino side of Coraki there are multiple locations with water over the road, damaged causeways.

Elliots Rd, unnamed bridge damaged, two-tonne load limit, light vehicles only. Indefinitely.


Campbells Rd (closed): Road flooded with land slips and damaged road surfaces.

Cobaki Rd (closed): Bridge works in progress. Temporary bridge washed away, road closed until further notice.

Hogans Rd (closed): Causeway damaged due to flooding.

Carool Rd: Multiple locations of topside slips and debris on road. Use caution over whole length.

Glengarrie Rd: Multiple locations of topside slips and debris on road. Use caution.