Road Rage - angry driver
Road Rage - angry driver Tony Martin

'Extreme violence' against drivers in two road rage assaults

A MAN who twice in three months flew into severe road rages, seriously injuring two men, has been jailed.

Lui Matalio Dylan Tiaaleaiga, 25, was on parole for other offending when he mistook another motorist's flashing lights and honking as harassment, forcing the other motorist off the road before he punched the man in the head numerous times.

Just over two months later, Tiaaleaiga pulled a truck driver out of his cabin, kicking him in the back while he was on the ground, and punching him multiples times in the head and torso despite two motorists trying to stop the physical assault.

Tiaaleaiga yesterday pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm while in company, one of assaulting a person aged over 60, two of wilful damage, and one of stealing.


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The driver in the first incident that took place at night on January 20 last year at Parkhurst suffered a fractured jaw and broken teeth from the assault.

The defendant and co-accused also kicked the man's car and pulled off a mirror.

The truck driver, who was assaulted on March 15 last year suffered a broken ankle, cuts, and bruises.

Tiaaleaiga was taken into custody on June 30 last year for breaching parole and while in jail, he and another prisoner broke into a vending machine and stole drinks.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Tiaaleaiga didn't know why the victim in the January incident was flashing his lights and honking his horn.

He said his client thought the driver was harassing him.

Mr McGowran said Tiaaleaiga over-reacted on both occasions.

"That is a severe understatement," Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale said.

She described the assaults as "extreme violence".

The court heard the driver in the January incident had noticed Tiaaleaiga was driving without his headlights on and was trying to warn him.

"That person was merely being thoughtful," Mrs Beckinsale said.

The court heard the truck driver had rear-ended Tiaaleaiga, who had his two daughters aged two and seven in the car, before the defendant assaulted him.

Mr McGowran said Tiaaleaiga had grown up in a violent household and described his father as a "no mercy" type person.

Mrs Beckinsale ordered Tiaaleaiga to a two-year prison term, setting parole eligibility on October 29, along with $5273.74 in compensation.