DOG ATTACK: A Bouldercombe family's nine sheep and lambs were viciously slaughtered by two roaming dogs.
DOG ATTACK: A Bouldercombe family's nine sheep and lambs were viciously slaughtered by two roaming dogs. Contributed

Family traumatised after vicious dog attack

TWO roaming dogs have ruthlessly slaughtered a Bouldercombe family's sheep and lambs on Wednesday morning.

These animals weren't just livestock - they had names - and were treated as part of the family.

According to nearby neighbour and Rockhampton Councillor Ellen Smith, the family, who didn't wish to be named, were left traumatised and distraught by the incident.

Their daughter posted an account of the post-attack on social media.

"This morning at 7.15am we woke up to the most horrific thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life, nine out of our 12 sheep had been slaughtered," the daughter said.

"Their faces and necks ripped off and two white dogs, medium sized, were chased out of our paddock. Two left half dead and three babies left fighting for their lives."



She said her mother's property was fully fenced, surrounded with electric fencing, but that "didn't stop these killing machines".

"These were not just sheep, they all had names and were loved animals," she said.

"We are beside ourselves. We need to find the dogs or any information. If anyone knows anything this is not the first time it has happen in the area.

"These dogs have gone home completely covered in blood. Their owners have to be held responsible."

The woman begged for justice and requested people to share the post, warning that if the attack had happened an hour later, children at the local school just 200m away from the paddock could have been the victims.

Cr Smith was outraged by the attack and judging by the concentrated nature of the attacks to the heads of the sheep suspected that they were pigging dogs that had been allowed to run loose by an inattentive owner.

"It happened in my community, I live one paddock away from the family and I'm shocked like everybody else," Cr Smith said.

"People need to be responsible and keep their yards secure and stop their dogs from wandering."

Cr Smith said the community was concerned and were rallying behind the family.

"My heart goes out to the family," she said.

Cr Smith said council's local law officers were investigating the attack but said it was difficult to identify the culprits. If anyone has any information contact council on 49329000.