SUNSHINE Coast police are mourning the death of former police dog DJ this month.

DJ, whose flowing locks led to him being affectionately known as "Wookie", excelled in his training course to become a general-purpose police dog with the Sunshine Coast Dog Squad in December 2013 at nearly two years of age.

DJ was Senior Constable Justyn Mergard's first police dog on the Coast after he transferred from Townsville, and the pair quickly established a close bond which was obvious for all to see.

Over the next five years, DJ successfully tracked down numerous offenders and missing persons throughout his career, cementing his status as a local hero.


In 2014, DJ was injured on duty after being attacked by two other dogs during a drug raid, however was able to make a full recovery and return to the job he loved so dearly.

Despite still performing his duties to a high standard, PD DJ was retired in 2018 due to an arthritic condition and subsequent cancer diagnosis which impacted his breathing.

He spent the past couple of years at Constable Mergard's home living out the remainder of his life in style.

The Queensland Police Service has extended its condolences to Constable Mergard and his family at this time.