Brisbanites Laura Taylor, Edwina Luck and Zoe White joined the unofficial fashion parade at Bluesfest.
Brisbanites Laura Taylor, Edwina Luck and Zoe White joined the unofficial fashion parade at Bluesfest. Doug Eaton

Fashion big part of Bluesfest fun

DUSTY gumboots, pork pie hats, band-branded T-shirts and feathers everywhere.

Bluesfest is, for many attendees, the great excuse to dress up. It's probably the festival that has the widest appeal, from puberty to pensioners; the "punters" come in all shapes and sizes, ages and eccentricities.

As predictable as Easter eggs at this time of year, there are some traditions you can count on; like the fashions you see at music festivals.

What would a Bluesfest be without the inevitable animal costumes, band-branded T-shirts, fluoro clothing and gym junkies showing off as much skin as they legally can?

This year's Bluesfest will go down in history as the year it didn't rain.

Beautiful blue skies, a beating sun and thankfully, cool winds by late afternoon made for almost perfect weather conditions.

And yet, somehow the inevitable gumboots were seen in every tent and on the dusty grounds in between the tents.

Rather than mud, the gumboots provided a sweaty barrier between the wearer and the dry earth.

This would have to be the number one festival fashion faux pas; gumboots in the blazing sun and dust.

A more appropriate trend that has moved from cool young things to a widely adopted fashion must-have is the pork pie hat.

Worn by some women, but mostly by men, these little straw hats provide little sun protection but oodles of street cred.

The other bonus is the porkie provides cover for balding pates. Late at night in the tents there they were; a sea of pork pie hats bobbing to the beat.

For the girls, this year's festival saw a few major trends emerging.

High-waisted shorts and short, short dresses - thankfully mostly on the young and slim - hippie flower headbands that work well with the haute hippie look and the new big thing; feathers everywhere.

Pocahontas, eat your heart out. Feathers for your headband, your handbag, your belt and even feathered dresses.

Some of our local designers such as Goddess of Babylon pioneered this look several years ago (along with Sass & Bide) and it was their stall at Bluesfest where the young and the beautiful congregated and shopped.

Fashion retailers at Bluesfest reported good sales, mostly, selling separate pieces and accessories to be worn over the festival period.

The other popular clothing item at the festival ties in with the whole point of the five days; the music.

Fans are very happy to let you know exactly what artists they love.

From Cold Chisel to The Specials, fans young and old branded themselves by the ever-popular T-shirts.

Other festival attendees found more imaginative ways of exhibiting their taste in music.

They wore genres of music such as rockabilly, reggae and ska styles of fashion.

Some of these enthusiastic fashionistas put a lot of passion in their fashion.

From head to toe they expressed their love of music, and that's the whole point of the festival; music and having fun.