I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! star Jess Eva had the perfect response to a troll who called her a "fat disgusting mutt".

In a recent episode of the Channel 10 show, Eva, who co-hosts Triple M's Moonman in the Morning breakfast show, pulled up her shirt and danced for her camp mates.

After the scene aired, Eva received a horrific message on social media from a troll who wrote: "Put some f***ing clothes on you fat pig. You make me physically sick when you dance around with your shirt up like u all that. You're a fat disgusting mutt."

Eva shared the message on her Instagram page and hit back at the troll by posting a video of herself dancing in a bra and her partner's jocks.

Jess Eva and her daughter.
Jess Eva and her daughter.

In the caption, Eva wrote: "Ya know I get that some people don't like 85kg of white chocolate. But I got this message the other day after the belly dance. This weekend I was looking at my just-turned four-year-old daughter. And I thought I'm at an age where these messages don't phase me. But 10 years ago, these messages would probably spiral me into a state of diets and feeling like a fat, inferior piece of crap. And I don't want her to ever feel like she's not good enough as a result of someone's opinion.

"This post isn't to shame the people that write to me telling me I'm disgusting. It's a post to every man and woman of any shape and size to love your guts, love your soul and love your life. People will always comment on what you should and shouldn't be. Although we aren't the centre of THE universe, you're the centre of YOURS. We all deserve a happy and peaceful life, it's the most important thing in the world.

"My daughter is overly clingy at the moment, so as I set her up on the iPad, watching Pepper Pig toys, I recorded the response to this Instagram message. I had no idea she was watching. But I'm also proud, because when she gets older and if she ever feels like she's not good enough, I'm going to play her this video.

Jack Vidgen, Paulini and Jess Eva on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!
Jack Vidgen, Paulini and Jess Eva on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!

"Yes, I'm wearing my partner Norm's undies, they're really comfortable and it drives him nuts. No, I'm not going to open an OnlyFans account.

"PS - I love my guts! It's got heaps of wine and really tasty food in it! How good's livin! X"

Eva's post received praise online with Living Room star Baz Dubois writing: "Go girl, you are a beautiful person in every way. I love ya guts and everything else about you."

Grant Denyer's wife, Chezzi, added: "They're just jealous of your pure sunshine white chocolate! You are AMAZING. I love watching you and getting to know you more. You are a breath of fresh air! My girls also think you rock."

Fellow I'm A Celeb star Toni Pearen also commented, writing: "You are everything to me and us. Keep making every moment good or not so good fun. You are a perfect role model for your kids xxx."


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