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Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Favorite Pastimes of the Rich and Famous

Wonder how it feels to be uber-rich? Maybe there is this time wherein you have tried putting yourself on their shoes. What will you do if you have 6-digits in your bank account? Are you going to lay down on your bed filled with money?

Obviously, wealthy people have different lifestyle from most ordinary people. With plenty of money to spend, surely, they can buy whatever they want, need and desire. Yes, rich and famous people are also human being. Hence, just like all of us, they love to carry out activities during their spare time to enjoy life. However, their pastime activities are usually hard-to-realize for typical people. Why? Well, rich people’s pastimes often (if not always) involve shelling huge amount of cash.

Most Rich and Famous people relish:

Taking Vacation Galore

Actually, it is not shocking to know that wealthy people own private stuff (or millions-worth properties). Let’s face it. They can afford to buy whatever they feel like buying. For those who bought their own island/s, they can easily take refuge in their private sanctuary if they want to take a break from urban noise. No need to worry about overstaying considering they own the place. They can stay for as long as they want. One good example of this is international singer Celine Dion who owned a private island near Montreal worth $29.3 million.

For rich people who love the water, they are likely to buy their very own luxury private yacht. This is more practical as compared to spending for expensive cruise trip - which only last for a few days. If you have your own private yacht, all you need to do is get yourself a good crew and sail to wherever you want, like in islands of Greece. Award-winning film director Steven Spielberg got himself a $200 million super-yacht. Whether private jet, private yacht or private island, the main intention of having them is privacy.

Reading Book

Affluent people enjoy reading books. Sounds unusual isn’t? But yes, many wealthy people love to read books specifically businessmen. Oftentimes, we hear socialites going from one party to another. But the thing is there are rich people who are so into books. Notice when you visit a mansion or huge houses, there is always a library found inside. It is not just put there for display; rather they actually read them.

Take for instance American fashion designer Ralph Lauren, he has a private library in his home. Surely, those piles and piles of books will lead one gawking. For business people, reading helps them gain more knowledge about their cup of tea. Sometimes, there are just these books that are indulging to read such as Harry Potter and The Great Gatsby.

Entertainment Centers

A lot of affluent people enjoy going to entertainment centers. It is one way of socializing with other people at the same time, it is a perfect opportunity to unwind. Some of them love to watch opera shows held in opulent theaters. Even if other operatic shows are inscrutable, they still watch them for the sake of watching. Well of course, this is except for those people who are fanatic of classical music, opera and concerts.

Another entertainment center where most wealthy people spend their times is hotel and casino. Undeniably, going to this kind of place require you to have enough money (not unless you will just watch the people around and enjoy the noise). Thus, most affluent people can afford to be in this place, both men and women. When talking about gaming centers, Las Vegas usually comes to mind first. However, there are many lavish hotels and casino resorts scattered in big cities. Check them out!

Now you know what rich people do on their spare time.