The Lismore Lake Pool which is almost empty and not being used at present.
The Lismore Lake Pool which is almost empty and not being used at present. Marc Stapelberg

Should council reopen Lismore Lake Pool?

THE "long festering" issue of the Lismore Lake Pool is back on the council's agenda after last night's meeting.

Cr Greg Bennett said action needed to be taken because outside committees had not been able to resolve it.

Should the council reopen Lismore Lake Pool?

This poll ended on 13 September 2018.

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"It's time for councillors to take control of this," he said.

"It's time we did something and give it a six-month deadline."

In February this year, the council voted to demolish the Lismore Lake Pool, but the Lismore Lake Pool Incorporated Committee was given a chance to put forward a plan.

This month's staff report had recommended that the committee provide its proposal for the restoration of the lake pool by October 31, to give the council time to "properly review and consider the submission when formulating Council's 2019/20 draft budget".

At last night's meeting, committee president Big Rob talked about getting the Lismore Lake Pool back on the agenda.

But he said the deadline was unrealistic.

"Council changed the game so we had to change our plan," Mr Rob said.

"I have an extremely heavy workload at uni but my priority is the Lismore lake what I would dearly like to see the master plan put back on track."

Mr Rob recently wrote to the council to explain it was "no longer viable" for his committee to make a comprehensive submission on its restoration until funding options were identified by the council.

"Once council's commitment to the pool has been secured, we will be able to then redirect out attention to getting the job done while also chasing any available Federal and State Government funding grants to reduce the impact on ratepayers as much as possible," he wrote.

"We believe funding grants will be made available through the Lismore lake Incorporated association once council commits to the project."

At last night's council meeting, Cr Bennett said his proposal would see a member of the Lismore Lake Pool Inc Committee and Friends of the Nimbin Pool on the council committee.

Hi motion was carried by councillors.