Fingerprint scanner and e-commerce tipped for new iPhone

APPLE'S new iPhone could container a fingerprint scanner following the leaking of computer code revealing a biometric kit.

Apple news site 9to5Mac reports the latest prerelease version of the operating software iOS 7 for iPhones and iPads that will be released later this year contains a folder called "BiometricKit UI".

A new iPhone could be released as early as September, according to industry rumours.

Apple bought fingerprint sensor company Authentec for $365 million last year.

Its technology goes as far as identifying different fingers, so that each finger can be assigned a different task.

There has been speculation Apple could use the new software to allow people to log into their phone and use it for electronic commerce.

Samsung already has a system that lets people pay for goods by touching their phone against a scanner.

The new iPhone, likely to look like the iPhone 5, is expected to include an improved camera system, A7 processor, and perhaps some new voice and camera features. 

Apple has lost ground to Samsung since the release of its Galaxy S4 model which includes a far better camera and other more advanced features.