Fiona Falkiner hosts the TV series The Biggest Loser Families.
Fiona Falkiner hosts the TV series The Biggest Loser Families. Channel 10

Fiona feels like biggest winner in TBL Families hosting role

FIONA Falkiner's weight-loss journey has come full circle with her return to The Biggest Loser.

After appearing in the first season she's back on the show but this time she'll be on the other side of the scales as host rather than contestant.

Ten years later and 30 kilos lighter she knows first-hand what it takes to make a big change and what a difference that change can make. After losing the weight she gained an international modelling career.

"I've walked in their shoes and I've stood on those scales and at those moments when things get tough I've been there and I can tell them from experience that they can get through it and it's worth it in the end - it truly is," she tells APN.

"To be able to encourage them and be a mentor was great and very rewarding."

Falkiner is joined by trainers Tiffiny Hall, Michelle Bridges, Shannan Ponton and Steve 'Commando' Willis in this season of The Biggest Loser Families as they push four families of four to their limits.

 "The family dynamic is great and when you are living together as a family unit again and going through the process of the show you're getting pushed and challenged... and things can get a bit heated which is always entertaining," she says.

"But it's really great as well, because when they leave the show they will have that support network around them and they can go home and draw on the lessons they learned together and try to make it fit into their life and keep going with it."

After a decade on air, the series' popularity shows no sign of waning, which Falkiner puts down to its positive message.

"I think everyone can relate in some way and might feel if the people they see on the show can make these changes then they can, too. It has that ability to inspire people at home to make a few small adjustments that can make a world of difference and that's such a positive thing."

TBL Families premieres tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.