Empty streets of Casino CBD taken on Tuesday, March 24 at 2pm. PIC: ROBERT MUSTOW
Empty streets of Casino CBD taken on Tuesday, March 24 at 2pm. PIC: ROBERT MUSTOW

First confirmed COVID-19 cases in Richmond Valley LGA

NSW Health have released figures that break down the number of cases of coronavirus cases by postcode, giving more detail than previously announced.

The latest statistics include the Richmond Valley LGA for the first time where 1-4 cases are listed.

Kyogle LGA cases remain at zero.

The 2480 postcode of Lismore has five confirmed cases.

In the Clarence region, the highest amount of cases for a postcode is 2460, which covers a wide range of towns, the main one including Grafton and South Grafton. This postcode has three confirmed infections.

How Richmond Valley Council plan to help business

In Northern NSW, COVID-19/flu clinics are established at Grafton Base Hospital, Tweed Hospital, Lismore Base Hospital and at Byron Bay, and are open from 10am to 6pm daily.

Richmond Valley mayor Robert Mustow said he was pleased that the community were taking the situation seriously and listening to and following the advice distributed by government departments on social distancing measures.

What's open in Casino

"Practising good hygiene including regular hand washing and keeping a healthy physical distance between individuals is a powerful weapon in fighting this virus and saving lives," Mr Mustow said.

"Please stay at home as much as you are able to and follow the regular updated requirements by the government."



Richmond Valley: 1-4

Tenterfield: 1-4

Clarence Valley: 8

Lismore: 5

Ballina: 1-4



Postcode 2476 COVID-19 cases: 2

Postcode 2477 COVID-19 cases; 2

Postcode 2478 COVID-19 cases: 2

Postcode 2479 COVID-19 cases: 2