BIG CHILL: Residents got their first blast of winter.
BIG CHILL: Residents got their first blast of winter. Tessa Mapstone

First glimpse of winter takes Northern Rivers by surprise

THE Northern Rivers has felt its first burst of wintry weather, reminding residents that the official summer season is indeed over.

Much of Australia experienced a chilly and wet weekend, with some locations experiencing the coldest March morning in 15 years.

Despite Lismore having the highest maximum in NSW yesterday at 25C, and Byron Bay having the highest minimum at 16C, the temperatures feel like a far cry from recent hot conditions.

BoM forecaster Anita Payne said a cold front came through NSW over the weekend.

"This cold front had a big band of cloud in front of it with rain, and behind it a lot of cool air,” Ms Payne said.

But, she said present conditions are not comparable to true winter conditions.

"It's like sitting in a bath tub of hot water and you pour in cold water, you feel it quite sharply but you wont feel it in the other end of the bath tub. The Northern Rivers is the other end of the bathtub,” she said.

"Queensland had a lot of moisture, so the Northern Rivers gets a lot more moisture and humidity down from QLD.”

Over the next few days she said things will warm by a few degrees, with temperatures in the mid to high 20s.

"There's a very slight chance of showers today, as there's a little trough sitting of the coast of NSW to bring a few showers in some locations,” Ms Payne said.

"These chances increase into Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

"Showers over warm waters off the coast will be pushed onshore from easterly winds.”

The bureau explains their weather situation online: "A high pressure system in the Bight is extending a ridge across New South Wales.

"This high will be the dominant feature in the region during the next few days as it drifts eastwards, and is expected to be over the Tasman Sea by Tuesday.”

There is a high chance of showers each day from tomorrow until Friday across the region, with up to 15mm in Lismore tomorrow, 20mm in Byron Bay and Ballina.