BIG CHILL: Northern Rivers residents prepares for their first blast of winter this week.
BIG CHILL: Northern Rivers residents prepares for their first blast of winter this week. Tessa Mapstone

VERY CHILLY: First winter blast set to numb toes

TO QUOTE the motto of one of the Great Houses of Westeros, House Stark - winter is coming.

This was proven by a disheartening sight at the weekend - beach-goers donning jumpers. It only gets worse from here.

Forecasters have warned this week Australians will experience two tastes of winter-like weather as a double whammy of cold fronts set to sweep through south eastern Australian will force temperatures to plummet.

The Bureau of Meteorology's current weather situation for Lismore explains the current low pressure system will weaken and move away before the next cold front enters the western border late this afternoon and skims across the state's south tonight and Wednesday.

"A ridge will briefly extend across the state from the west from the second half of Wednesday in the wake, before a stronger cold front follows on Friday, bringing the first proper wintry weather of the season."

While this means rain and snow for places further south, the Northern Rivers will still need to get the bed socks out with night-time temperatures set to numb one's toes.


Minimum temperatures will drop to 10C tomorrow, with a maximum of 25C and sunny conditions before the second cold front lands on the weekend.

For Lismore, overnight temperatures will get down to 7C on Saturday with a top of 20C, and will be 1C warmer on Sunday.

Closer to the coast it will be a few degrees warmer with overnight temperatures in the low teens and daytime temperatures in the mid 20s for Ballina, before dropping around 6C on Saturday to 20C during the day and 9C overnight.

BoM forecaster Steph Spackman the temperatures locally will be "cool" for the area this time of year, and the south easterly winds forecast for the Northern Rivers over the weekend will keep those daytime temperatures down, with little sun exposure to keep things warm.

"The next front is coming through on Friday and the mass of cold air is associated with that front," Ms Spackman said.

"The temps on late Friday to Saturday will probably be the coldest we will see this week.

"Currently it's sitting over the Australian bight and will be moving up into NSW Thursday and moving right right across NSW late Friday and Saturday."

But, the cold air will move along quite quickly as a high pressure system is forecast to move in behind it.

May average temperatures

Now these temperatures aren't a far cry from the average May temperatures but it seems like we have been having ideal neutral temperatures, and this cold blast could interrupted our plans of sunbaking on the beach this weekend.

The mean minimum temperature for Lismore in May is 9.8C, and maximum sits at 23.4C.

The mean minimum temperature for Ballina is 12.1C, and 22.5C the average maximum.