Fishermen fined $10K for Father’s Day border dashes



A Brisbane man has been fined more than $6,000 after trying to illegally enter into Queensland two times after a fishing trip to New South Wales. 

The man, 38, was attempting to travel back in Queensland after being in New South Wales "to fish", a police spokeswoman said. 

He was informed at the M1 by border officers he was ineligble to re-enter Queensland due to living outside the border bubble and would be placed into hotel quarantine upon his return to Queensland.

He declined to enter and travelled to the Coolangatta border and attempted to cross the border again.

On the second attempt, the man was issued an infringement notice totalling $4003 and placed into hotel quarantine at a cost of $2,500.

Meanwhile, another Brisbane man, 43, was fined $4003 after trying to re-enter Queensland three times after driving to Tweed to purchase a fishing rod.

He initially attempted to re-enter at the vehicle checkpoint on the GC Highway with the wrong border pass.

He then attempted to go through the M1 checkpoint on another pass, and then made a third attempt, before being issued with a $4003 infringement notice.


Originally published as Fishermen fined $10K for Father's Day border dashes