The bromeliad adds life to any garden.
The bromeliad adds life to any garden.

Five colourful plants to brighten even the dullest garden

IF YOUR garden is so boring it almost hurts to look at, but flowers aren't your thing, spruce it up with coloured (and petal-less) plants where the leaves are the heroes.

The gardeners at Hoselink have offered up a few of the funkiest plants to add life, colour and character to your garden.

Bromeliad: You'd be forgiven for thinking the colourful parts of a bromeliad were flowers, but they're actually leaves. Just really good looking ones. These plants are great for a tropical-style garden.

Begonia: There are lots of varieties of Begonia with wonderful leaves to brighten a bland garden. Some begonias are also ideal as an indoor houseplant if you're keen to bring some natural beauty indoors.

Hypoestes: Also known as the polka dot plant, this plant can breathe life into your garden. Depending on which variety you choose, they can be a subtle addition or a bold statement.

Pennisetum: It's easy to forget grasses can be for decoration and not just for lawns. The hardy pennisetum provides excellent height to a flowerbed and adds a pop of colour.

Purple basil: Yes, you can get purple basil! It not only looks amazing in your garden, it's edible. Win-win!

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