It's unclear if they tried to order anything.
It's unclear if they tried to order anything.

Five men do Macca's 'nudie' run, spark police manhunt

FIVE males have agreed to hand themselves into police after running naked through a Newcastle McDonald's - at least one using a large "fake appendage" to conceal his manhood.

Police today released CCTV images of the men running through the King St venue unclothed and in full view of families with children.

One young boy can be seen just metres from the young males, heading away from them as they burst through the door at 6.40pm on November 10.

Police sources confirmed at least of the males were using large "fake appendages" for modesty.

Three hours after releasing the images, police announced at 3.30pm today that the men had been spoken to.

"Officers have now spoken with the males allegedly involved in the incident at the fast-food restaurant. They will be attending Newcastle Police Station at a later stage," police said in a statement.


To me, the shoes ruin the whole ensemble.
To me, the shoes ruin the whole ensemble. Police Media


Newcastle City Crime Manager Detective Chief Inspector Peter Mahon said while the incident may appear amusing to some, he was seriously concerned by the presence of young families at the time.

"Police are investigating this display of offensive behaviour and are seeking assistance from the public to identify the males," he said.

Insp Mahon said the young men could regret their skylarking.

"They're looking at very serious charges, at the very least an offensive behaviour charge," he said.

"It's tea time, you can see there is a young kid that walks straight across their path."

He said he was aware the "nudie run" was popular among some young males "but not where there's family and children involved".

Police suspect the males recorded their own evidence of the event - the third one to enter the store can be seen recording it on his phone.

Officers were not certain whether alcohol was involved or if it was part of a schoolboy or university prank.

The rampaging youths did not stay for a happy meal or even place an order and it is unclear if they jumped in a waiting getaway car.