Mexican musicians Rodrigo y Gabriela mix nuevo flamenco and heavy metal.
Mexican musicians Rodrigo y Gabriela mix nuevo flamenco and heavy metal. Jim Mimna

Mexican duo bring flamenco and rock to Bluesfest

RODRIGO y Gabriela is a Mexican acoustic guitar duo whose music is influenced by a number of genres including nuevo flamenco, rock and heavy metal.

The duo, whose recordings consist largely of instrumental duets on the classical guitar, are set to perform at Bluesfest.

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero grew up in middle-class families in Mexico City.

Their parents listened to flamenco, jazz and rock music and they were both also exposed to heavy metal.

The two met as teenagers and dated for many years and while their relationship ended in 2012, their musical partnership has endured.

Sanchez and Quintero have released five studio albums, three live albums and one EP but at Bluesfest they will be performing new music from their new album 9 Dead Alive.

The album has attracted widespread interest since it was released late last year.

"People like the idea that (9 Dead Alive) is a conceptual album, a tribute to different works and actions of people that had a tremendous importance on humanity's course," Quintero said.

The album includes songs inspired by Joan Agnes of the Cross (1651-1695), one of the precursors of women's Spanish literature, and Chilean poet, educator and feminist Gabriela Mistral (Lucila Godoy Alcayaga).

Mistral, who Quintero was named after, received the Nobel Prize in Literature, in 1945. She is the only Latin American woman to have received the prize.

"It's really good because a lot of people are discovering these amazing Latin women in the English-speaking world through our album."