Flip-flops to high heels

YOU don't have to be Carrie Bradshaw to appreciate shoes.

Like underwear, there's no limit to how simple or fancy you can go with your footwear.

Even if you're the sort of person who thinks Havaianas are exorbitant, the fact of the matter is, everyone needs at least one good pair of shoes if they ever plan to attend a wedding, a funeral or even the races.

So let's talk the talk about walking the walk.

Women are traditionally the ones who go ga-ga over shoes, although Amy Achilles from Happy Feet in Gladstone says you'd be surprised.

"We get a lot of guys in here buying shoes for their partners," she said.

"I wouldn't have picked it before I started working here, but it's true.

"They seem to like really high heels, and mostly in red. They really go for red."

Maddison Ash from Cavalier's agreed, stating that most Gladstone guys were happy to fork out for good-quality dress shoes.

"A good pair of shoes will last a man a couple of years so they're happy to pay for quality, and also comfort," she said.

"A gentleman this morning paid $250 for a pair of shoes and he was very happy."

For women this summer, Ms Achilles said it was all about wedges and bright colours.

"Wedges are great because you get that height and they're still really comfortable," she said.

"I wear mine to work every day."

The thing about shoes, Ms Achilles said, is that they not only complete an outfit, but complete a feeling.

"I think a pair of really great high heels can make a woman feel more confident.

"They make your legs look longer too. It's as much about how you look as how you feel."