MasterChef's impressive 'floating pillow' dessert.
MasterChef's impressive 'floating pillow' dessert.

Secret behind insane MasterChef dish

FAMED for his showstopping dishes, celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal didn't disappoint during last night's MasterChef finale, challenging the finalists to recreate a dessert he'd invented that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

Dubbed 'Counting Sheep', Blumenthal's 'floating pillow' was just that - a pillow seemingly floating and spinning in mid-air, atop which sat two small, perfectly formed meringues made from coconut ice cream with a steamed sponge and panna cotta.

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And while some found it impressive, others were quick to mock the gravity-defying dessert - particularly for its resemblance to a certain feminine hygiene product:



Blumenthal claims the dish took him "15 years and 9 months to create" - but there's no actual magic behind the levitating effect. Instead, magnets are used, with the negative effect between those in the pillow and those in the base keeping the two elements apart. It's a similar effect as used in the 'floating ice cream challenge' in last year's MasterChef season, and some viewers saw straight through the illusion: