Footage of rare albino echidna warms hearts

Footage of rare albino echidna warms hearts

A RARE albino echidna has been found in the wild at Coles Bay on the East Coast.

The Freycinet National Park offers visitors a range of wonderful opportunities to enjoy spectacular scenery and now the possibility of sighting the albino echidna.

The rare mammal has been sighted over the years at the park, but a photographer from the East Coast group PuddleHub has recorded the most recent sighting.

Superficially, they resemble the anteaters of South America and other spiny mammals, but echidnas are usually black or brown in colour. The albino echidnas has pink eyes and white spines.

In many ways they don't look much like mammals; they have spines and they lay eggs, but they are warm-blooded and produce milk for their young.