QT PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Williams got more than he bargained for when a native Australian bird swooped a DJI Phantom Drone mid-flight.

It happened at Basin Pocket earlier this month.

"I was filming the Bremer River at Basin Pocket on Wednesday as part of a video I was working on to show the juxtaposition of the lush green banks against the churned brown of the river after the recent rainfall," Rob said.

"I had nearly finished filming and was bringing the drone back to land in the carpark of the West End Rugby League Club.

Bird vs drone.
Bird vs drone. Rob Williams

"I heard an alarmed call from a bird and saw a flash of black and white from the ground.

"I yawed the drone around hoping to identify what it was when it  took a loop and came straight at the Phantom 4 drone.

"It was a Pied Currawong, a species not normally known to swoop and attack.

"As the bird seemed agitated I landed the aircraft straight away in case I was close to a nest or in danger of causing harm to the native animal.