ALL RUINED: The Tweed floods' devastating impact on personal property was evident as items piled up on Hunter St, Burringbar.
ALL RUINED: The Tweed floods' devastating impact on personal property was evident as items piled up on Hunter St, Burringbar. Daniel McKenzie

Forgotten villages drum up support for flood damage

FOR villages that received no warning nor immediate assistance during the floods, Burringbar and Mooball are still struggling to come to terms with the amount of damage caused to homes and businesses.

During the March 31 flood, a torrent of water rushed through Hunter and Dignan Sts in Burringbar, causing severe damage to about 45 homes and forcing people to flee rising water.

In the days following the flood, a team of about 12 mums realised no help was coming for those affected so they rallied together to provide much-needed assistance.

Organiser Jaye Wardlaw said the initial reaction to the flood was one of shock and disbelief, especially for those affected, as there was no flood warning or evacuation order issued.

"There was no expectation Burringbar would flood as there's never been water here," she said.

"I don't think anyone realised how bad it was until we started to get out there."

And within hours of the flood, Burringbar resident Alysha Hague said she realised people were going to need items and furniture in the weeks to come.

"It was pretty obvious that not only were we not given an evacuation warning, they were then not provided with anywhere to go or with any help," Ms Hague said.

"I put a call out to Pottsville and other regions for things I assumed people would need immediately as opposed to the long-term. Within 36 hours, there was two full garages in Pottsville and suddenly I had all this stuff."

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the surge of donations, Ms Hague said she decided to reach out to individual houses to see what they needed.

"It was hard because people were still shell-shocked and didn't know what they needed," she said. "I tried to let them know furniture was being collected but that might not be what they need - maybe it's just help with cleaning up or a few meals."

A month on from the floods, Ms Wardlaw said a GoFundMe campaign had started to make sure those who lost everything were still taken care of.

"Our aim with the GoFundMe is to have the money available for people who don't have insurance but don't know what they need yet and to fix cars and fences," she said.

"There's a couple of people who are really struggling."


For more information about the Burringbar Mooball Flood Relief fund, or to donate, visit: