A man has injured his shoulder picking up beer bottles at the Q1 building.
A man has injured his shoulder picking up beer bottles at the Q1 building.

Cleaner wants $500k for picking up beer bottles

A FORMER cleaner at the luxury Q1 building has trouble with household chores after he injured his shoulder lifting a bag of beer bottles, according to court documents.

Joseph Thaiparambil Pindo, 50, is claiming more than $543,000 in damages from Q1 Management Pty Ltd for the shoulder injury and another suffered two months later.

In documents filed in the Southport District Court, he claims not only does the shoulder injury cause him problems with chores but also with working.

"As a result of his injuries (Mr Pindo) has not capacity for any work which might be available to him in the context of his education, training and experience," the documents said.

The documents said Mr Pindo also had trouble doing everyday tasks.

"(Mr Pindo) suffers extreme difficulty in attempting to use the right arm for any personal or domestic tasks, as a result of the extreme pain, sensitivity, loss of strength and loss of range of the right shoulder," the documents said.

Mr Pindo claims he was emptying rubbish bins about 2.45pm on September 21, 2015, when he lifted a 200-litre bin bag not knowing it was full of empty beer bottles.

"(Mr Pindo) was not aware how much weight was in the bin liner," the documents said.

Mr Pindo injured his shoulder.

Two months later on November 21, 2015, Mr Pindo injured his shoulder a second time at work.

Documents allege he was moving a skip bin down a driveway with a colleague when it "jolted" and injured the same shoulder.

Mr Pindo claims he was not warned of the possibility of injuring himself lifting rubbish out of the bin or moving the bin.

"(Q1 Management) failed to provide (Mr Pindo) with adequate training or instructions, on how to safely undertake the subject task," the documents said.

The incidents left Mr Pindo with a tear in the right shoulder, damage to the joints and an impinged shoulder, according to the documents.

Mr Pindo had injections in his shoulder in January 2016 and then, in October 2016, underwent surgery in an effort to fix the injury.

He still felt pain in his shoulder, it was claimed.

Q1 Management declined to comment.

It has yet to file a defence in court.