Former Mongols bikie claims $100k in cash was from sale of puppies and not crime
Former Mongols bikie claims $100k in cash was from sale of puppies and not crime druvo

Bikie: ‘$100k from puppies, not crime’

A FORMER Mongols bikie claimed the $100,000 cash found in his Hope Island bedroom was from the sale of french bulldog puppies and not crime.

But the Southport Magistrates Court disagreed and yesterday found Michael Kane Dunwoody guilty of possessing tainted property.

Police found the cash in a bag, in 10 bundles, wrapped in black tape in Dunwoody's Hope Island home during a search in November 2017.

A number of french bulldogs, a handgun and bikie signs and posters were also found in the home.

"Common sense tells us that ordinary people who are not involved in crimes rarely have possession of such large quantities of cash," Magistrate Andrew Sinclair said.

The former bikie's father, Ken Dunwoody, told the court he had given his son the money to help fund his dog-breeding business.

Mr Dunwoody Snr said a single pup would sell for $10,000.

Magistrate Sinclair said: "If that were true, everyone would be breeding french bulldogs.

"The prices he was discussing represented something like Tulip Mania in 1637, the Ostrich craze in the '90s in Australia or the worldwide Bitcoin craze last year."

Bank statements provided to the court showed no evidence Dunwoody Jnr was breeding dogs.

He spent just $67.45 and $47.88 at PetBarn on two occasions in 2014 and no vet payments were recorded, according to documents provided to the court.

Bank statements showed only small deposits were put into his bank account and none exceeded $2800.

Dunwoody was on Centrelink benefits in 2014.

The cash is being held by the Public Trustee and prosecution will need to apply to the Supreme Court to have the money forfeited to the state.

Dunwoody's sentencing was adjourned to Monday due to an error on the pre-sentence custody certificate.